Of course, we think you need a business website we are a web design company after all, yes your right, we are and you do, but we are also former builders with a unique position on knowing the two industries.  If you don’t have a website you are at a disadvantage it’s that simple.  A website is just another tool that can be used 24/7 by your customers.   Below we have listed the 5 most important reasons you should act and get in touch with Builders Sites to take your business to the next level.

5 reasons why you need a business website

1 You don’t want a website you need it

You have a Facebook page?, so does everyone else and I mean everyone, why? because you can set one up in 20 minutes. You get some work of it for free, yes you probably do, but have you noticed it’s a lot less than you used to? why? because Facebook doesn’t care about your business unless you pay them to advertise.  They have designed it to stop you from getting free work, Facebook groups are probably the last good thing left.  But you have to get past the admins who have usually set up the group to make money in some way.  So free advertising is becoming less and less viable.

2 You own it all on your terms

Your website, Your Domain, your work images, your reviews, your content, I don’t think many builders understand how important this is, you have complete control of your online window that customers see you through, you present the way you want, and even a little bigger than you are, your not a one-man band anymore when you have a website, you are instantly treated as more professional simply because you have made an effort and that translates as he takes pride in his work.

How can customers tell this? through your work images, chances are if you have enough of them on your site the customer will find what they are looking for, they see that you are capable, and make a decision to contact you.   We also protect your work images from theft from people looking to capitalise on your hard work.  A simple setting on your website solves this no right-click steal anymore.

3 Your brand

This is important for every business, a website focuses customers’ attention on only your brand no advertising no cat videos just your business.  Your brand is not just a logo it’s your business in human form, countless studies show that people see brands as people, a brand you trust for example you trust people, not objects or ideas.  Keep using the same logo, the same colours and maybe a tagline, customers will become used to it and trust your business even before you have met them, get your website right your brand will shine through, and will gain in value.

4 Reviews and who gives them

Ever read a review on Amazon and noticed it’s not even about the same product? That’s what you’re dealing with here, reviews are everywhere but increasing they are losing their value because they are paid, written by someone with an agenda, or just plain stupid.  This is where we differ from most sites, we still want client reviews of course but we want people who know what they are talking about to write reviews, who are they? the builders who carry out the work.  Getting reviews of tradespeople that you trust, makes you and your business an authority in the field very quickly, this is an integral part of how we differ from marketplaces, obviously, it won’t make sense to write a review on a direct competitor but if you’re a joiner write a review on your mate the sparks website because he’s got that tiny level for sockets and actually cares about his work and he would, in turn, do the same for you.  We make this easy through we recommend section on all our websites.

5 Bringing word of mouth in to the 21st century

People don’t talk the way they used to, you could trust people’s opinions back in the day.  We know builders get a lot of work through word of mouth, that’s why we are adapting it into builders’ sites, how about backing up your word of mouth with a website or catalog with visual proof of your work? this is easily shared with a button at the correct point on a web page.  Builders’ reputations or ( brands ) are built this way both now and in the past.  We love word of mouth it isn’t going anywhere but it is evolving.

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