Lead Generation

I have no time to spend on a website, I am more concerned about getting jobs and working

We know how hard it is when you are self-employed you spend all day working then the evenings pricing or quoting. Working 60 hour weeks just to secure work, sometimes for the next few days.  

This is the time when you have to stop and think, not about next week, but about next year, today websites are not a novelty or to show off how well you are doing, they are a necessity. 

No one picks up the yellow pages when they need a product or service, they go online, specifically on their phone, it makes perfect sense, why try to find the book first of all and then try to find what you’re looking for, when you can pick up your phone and have what you need in seconds.

A well designed website will save you time and money, most importantly make you money.  A little investment pays of in the long run.

Why is my current website not generating Leads?

The main reason that we find is a lack of updates with new content.  (Think of content as a newspaper, no one wants to read a newspaper that is  six months old, especially not Google.)

Other web designers build a website and hand it over to the owner then you never hear from them again.  Unfortunately, this is how the majority of websites end their lives.  Google recognises that a website has not been updated and lowers its ranking leading to no leads.

I get all my work from referrals do I need a website ?

We all work on word of mouth, but now it’s blended in with technology, send me that link? what site was that?

Our sites make word of mouth faster and visual. Give potential customers the opportunity to see the quality of work they will be getting on your website.  It’s this visual proof that will inspire them to contact you and make pushing for a higher price that little bit easier. 

Local SEO

What is Local SEO?

SEO(Search Engine Optimisation), this term seems complicated but it isn’t.

SEO is like conforming to building control, Google is the inspector, they scan the site to see if everything is correctly laid out, information like location, contact details, telephone numbers, business information are legitimate, they also look into loading times and navigation. Once these are correct google will start to rank your site on search results.

SEO is an ongoing process that changes from week to week, that’s why linking and updating your site are extremely important. 


How to get my website found Locally?

This is carried out in a number of simple ways.  Your uploaded work images contain linked locations stamps, (this is just info on where the photo was taken) Google and other search engines use these to cross-check your contact information and compare it to your image location.  They form a search result that suits customers in your local work area.  We also add your site to google business and developed target local areas to focus on.



Can I do anything to increase my local SEO?

You are the best advertiser for your business.  You care about your reputation, this will naturally come across when you post to your site.  Just add a few lines of text with a few pictures of what you are doing and the end result.  Things to add are the place name the type of work being carried out and the materials used.

This really is the best way to show what you can do, how you do it, and keep your website up to date.

By thinking like this you will naturally get more local people on your site and this will leads keep the leads coming in.


Work Images

Do I need photos for my website?

Your website needs a lot of high-quality images, they are just visual evidence of what you can do, they make your quotes memorable even if it is the highest received.  This acts as a trigger to the customer to think quality over price and more often than not they choose the quote with visual proof.


Can I take photos with my phone ?

Yes you can use your phone, smart phone cameras have higher resoultion than ever before,  high quality video stablisation means you can take short videos too!.  With the added bonus of an internet connection you can upload them directly to your site using our app, its just like posting and ad to Facebook or Gumtree.

How many photos of my work should I take ?

First thing is to take plenty of photos. A lot of tradespeople make the mistake of only taking photos of the end result.  Customers want to see the whole process, from start to finish, just remember Before and After

This is the important thing to remember, you have to build a story for the customers to follow. We have used the example of a loft conversion.

Just by taking a few photos at the start or end of every major change will create a visual timeline of the work with very little effort



How do transfer the images from my phone to my website?

We use a well known platform called WordPress, you can upload directly to your website using it or a mobile app in a few seconds.  We have set up your app in a way that only allows photos and text to be uploaded so don’t worry about making any changes to the backend of your website.

Social Media

Facebook comments are wreaking my reputation, How can a website change this?

If you have tried to market to customers via Facebook you may have come across this problem and a few others before, disgruntled former customers with negative comments running down your business.  Negative information is remembered by customers and will form part of their decision to choose you to carry out work for them.  This can easily be avoided with your own website as you have the control to filter comments and reviews.
The other big issue when dealing with potential customers on Facebook is the perception of professionalism.  Having a modern website to direct potential customers to that displays all your work images laid out neatly, in order and advertisement-free is always going to impress.

Take control of negative customers and manage your reputation the right way online take book a meeting with us now

Can I use Facebook to get customers on to my website?

One option to use Facebook like a pro is to advertise directly on it.  This has proven to be effective for a lot of small businesses, but you need a website to direct your customers to, you need an efficient way to capture emails and guide your potential customer to book a quote or to get a callback.  Builders sites can do this for you with one of our managed plans which will boost your growth and enable you to choose jobs that are practical for you whether on price or location.

Do I Need a Website If I Have a Facebook Business Page?

Having a Facebook page is a great idea, it shows how you already know the importance of getting your company online.  This is a good supplement to your website but it should not replace it this is why.

Facebook doesn’t want your business to be found! in fact, they take measures to stop your page from being found.

Your friends might see some of your images but this is not enough, you need a website that can showcase your skills and work. Your website will be available to find on the entire internet, not just Facebook.  It will provide a solid base for your customer’s reviews of your business.

This cannot be done properly on Facebook and most importantly it cannot be found easily.  Facebook has built an ad-based platform so the last thing they want to do is make it easy for businesses to be found because they get less advertising revenue.


Hosting and Domains

Can I use my domain name ?

Yes, you can use your domain name! having said that some names are better than others.

We would suggest that very long domain names are made shorter, mainly because customers tend not to remember them or spell them correctly.

We can access the value of your domain name, in general terms the older the better, as they have had more time to attract links.

If your domain is too long we advise adding a location into it, this will give you the edge on the local competition. an example of what this could look like is below.

Business name P and G Painters



This may not seem like a massive change but it will have a boost on your local results, as you have the service and location clearly marked out.  Google loves this type of domain and will show you higher in their results.

Who owns my domain name ?

Builders sites will always register new domain names with the client name as the domain owner, which makes you the legal owner of the domain name. Not all web design companies do this, you could end up paying a leaving fee from one of the less transparent companies, which is one of many hidden costs, we, on the other hand, we have a clear no surprises policy.

Who hosts my website?

We only use Site Ground hosting, as their service levels are extremely high, they also offer specialised page caching which works to speed up load time of your site. This is becoming more important to google ranking and customer experience.

The ratings and reviews can be seen here on Trustpilot 

Time frames and what's included

How long will it take to build my website?

14-21 days on average, brand new websites take less time than matured sites

What is included when I order a new site ?

You will get a modern streamlined, site that is direct and functions to a high level. Meaning that it will convince new customers to contact you,

A work portfolio of all your main types of work, ways to contact your business, email capture forms, unlimited professioanl email addresses, social sharing, and more advanced features such as booking systems can all be set up if your business needs them.

The number of pages and marketing levels are flexible too, as there are many things to consider we like to have a meeting to form an idea of how to drive your business forward.

We are approachable and direct, We don’t talk tech,  You will have as much input as you like to your website, if you want to be hands-off, we can accommodate that too.




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