I don’t need a website I need a problem solved


A website can’t help you when you forgot to charge your batteries for the 3rd time this week or when you messed up a an estimate on what materials you need to finish a job of course it wont but a website can help you solve problems bigger than that.


You have been shop fitting for weeks at night or in a gang breaking your balls staying in some cheap B&B for weeks away from home earning ok money, but the novelty has worn off along time ago, while the boss is swanning about in his pickup pretending to source the next work and you think to yourself its time for a change.


But how do you do it? you have the skills and experience, but you haven’t got the contacts or the capital to break away quickly, the answer is develop the will to do it. It scary, it’s a risk but the times right, think of the hurdles first the big one, the all-consuming thought of being laughed at, how are you going to do that? You haven’t done it before, you will be back in no time, that’s what they will say, well in your head they do anyway.



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Its easier to get work if your already in work is a common saying, if you don’t prepare, prepare to fail is another, why? because they are true.  The way to break away is to get your own work on the side, build your client base and make the change, you already know this.

What if you can do better than that?, what if you can overtake and take on the work that your boss missed or wasn’t considered capable of doing as there was no visual proof that a client was looking for before making a decision?

You have to get an advantage and a way to lessen the doubts of you credibility, making your work visible to the right people and performing a detailed write up on your method, budget and timeframe, how you would handle a project and most importantly your will to see it through, imagine having that proof of what you can do at a few swipes on a mobile phone screen.


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