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Our prices are listed below, you can add services as you need at any time that suit you, no contracts cancel anytime.

Business Website

5-Page Custom Designed Website, That not only convince customers to contact you but cements your Business Brand Online, All our website are as different as your business is. We don’t use templates. That’s why our designs are unique and stand out from the crowd. It takes one call or video meeting to get started, we give you an update on the progress which usually takes 10 days after the 50% deposit payment is completed.

Price £599


Logo Design

Branding is essential now, Brands create memories in customers’ minds, Your Business logo is the first visual step to those memories. Our logos follow the best practice techniques of simplicity, colour and scale, want to stand out? your logo is the best place to start, after all, it’s going to be everywhere, your van, clothing, headed paper, and business cards, it’s not to be overlooked.  We make logos that you won’t forget.

Price £100-£500

Extra Pages

Extra pages can sometimes be needed for additional services you offer to do it justice, website visitors rarely scroll to the bottom of a very long page, so extra pages are used to rectify this.  We can design extra gallery pages, landing pages, service pages or anything that you can think of we will carry out it out on time and to  a very high standard.

Price £100 per page

Monthly Maintenance

This is optional but we do recommend it as it could work out cheaper than a per-hour fee.  Websites need regular updates just like the apps and software on your phone, you have probably experienced slowdowns or apps not working due to updates not being applied on your mobile. We take care of these updates plus security for your website with our monthly maintenance plan.

Price £25 Per Month

Seo and Paid Adverts

Local SEO and Paid Ads are thrown around a lot, but it all boils down to this, SEO is the long game, it involves a lot of time and effort to get your website up the rankings, but it’s worth it if when you get the business in, SEO is a monthly package and takes time, if you don’t have the time but have the budget paid adverts are the way to go.  We recommend both together for maximum effect.  Prices vary from basic local SEO to an hourly rate.

Basic Local Seo From £200

Graphics & Print

Facebook Business Page Graphics 

Google My Business Graphics

Business Card Template

Letter-Headed Paper Template

Site Banner Template

This price does not include printing but we can arrange this


Price £200

Other Services

We want to help you as much as possible with your business, we know that time-consuming things like making invoice templates or replying to reviews eat away at your free time, if you have something that’s taking up to much time tell us about it, there’s a good chance we can help! Running a business is hard we know but we can find a solution.  Just pick your trade below to see if we are a good match to work together.

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