Facebook Business Page Set up


Facebook is the platform were most of your potential clients are, its the best place to raise awareness of your business and showcase your best work online. With a Facebook Business Page, you can share new job images, collect reviews, advertise your services, while staying connected with new and old customers.

If you haven’t got the time to set up your Facebook Business Page we can do if for you with professional headers and profile pictures.

What’s in the this package ?

Matching branding across the board

Fully written and optimised

  • About us
  • Services
  • Welcome message

Photos added and organised
Settings/layout organised

Have a Facebook Business Page that reflects your professionalism and business the right way.


What we will do

Imagery uploads and edits, (stock images if you need them to get started) this will make you stand out from the rest
Business address & work radius so Google knows where your business covers
Description of your business that is optimised for your area and will make customers take action, with a site visit or a call
5 service categories people local to you will be searching to fill their needs
Addition of contact information so customers can give you a call or message with just one click
website linking and appointments setting if you need it
Addition of opening hour

The all-important review link set up, which well will set you for you with a template if needed