SEO Setup


SEO Setup for Tradesmen Businesses

This is a first stage of the SEO process, this gives you a base to start from, you may live in an area where your the only provider of a specialist service, where there is little competition, this can be rural locations or simply when other trade business are not as well optimised online.  There are a lot of the pockets in the UK.

SEO Audit ( Finding out if your website has got opportunities to rank in an area )

Keyword research ( finding out what words customers are using to find a service that you carry out )what you competition is doing right and how we can do it even better for your business)

SEO Plan (The plan of attack, what words to use and where to use them, with targets and goals)

SE Ranking (Getting your Business up to the top of the search page and how its done )

Google Analytics ( How everything is measured with monthly reports emailed out)

Google Search Console (The mechanics of your website links, click and performance)

Google Business Listing (Everything combined pushes your profile up the list, get on top it will make a huge difference)